Plastic Cards

We can create a range of plastic cards to meet your needs.

Check out our range options below….

ID Cards

IDS Products can design and create your id card for you.

With the ever increasing risk of people stealing Identities, don’t let your company become a victim.

We can produce photo id cards for your company now.

From as little as 10 employees to larger companies with 1000’s of employees.

Swipe cards, bar codes, signature panels, photos, watermarks, hologram overlays

We can help achieve your needs in the Id range.

Custom Shape Cards

IDS PRODUCTS manufacturers custom shapes and sizes for a variety of industries.

Get noticed with custom card shapes and sizes. When it’s time to create something special, use your imagination and try a non-standard size.

One-time die charges start at $50, depending on the design, size, intricate cut.

Die charges may be waived for some large volume orders. We have a range of shapes that can be used for a minimal one off charge.

IDS PRODUCTS manufacturers custom shaped cards in a range of Eco friendly material as well.


    • Magnetic stripes may not be possible with some sizes / shapes.
    • Keep your die lines as simple as possible (avoid sharp edges and intricate curves).
    • we have a list of pre made die cut shapes you can use for a once off setup fee of $100, ask for the list to be sent to you.
    • Die cut cards are also available with snap off units.
      perfect for…
        • loyalty cards
        • gym key tags
        • coffee cards
        • membership cards
        • business cards
        • book marks
        • combo cards with snap off tags ( 1,2,3 snap off tags )

Clear Cards (translucent)

Take advantage of the high visibility and unique features of transparent business cards.

Clear cards add elegance and sophistication to your project.

The clear card allows light to freely flow through the imprint.

You can also add a white undercoat to create solid print areas.

IDS PRODUCTS LTD manufactures clear PVC / Eco cards for a variety of industries.


    • Create translucent effect, or add white under print to create opaque areas for your design.
    • Barcodes
    • Sequential Numbers
    • silver and gold foils
    • frosted look
    • coloured panels

Eco Cards

All our cards are available in Eco PET / PP Material. These cards look and perform like plastic but contain no petroleum products.

Mostly made with Special Corn starch.
These are a fantastic way to show you are thinking about the environment.

  • These cards can be made into shapes more easy and we have a range of cards that are already designed with cut out parts
  • Detachable card options
  • Eco PET / PP Material
  • Water proof and stain resistant
  • All standard size cards can be made from eco material.

These are some examples of ” Rack cards” or Menu Cards

Gift / Loyalty cards

With so much to choose from and customers having more choice, this is the time you need to retain your clients with loyalty and gift cards.

Gift cards are the easy way to get your store cash to the hands of your clients. Gift cards are used in almost every instance of retail now.

Gift cards are a way to keep track of your finance while delivering your brand to people all over the country.

Loading the cards on demand and tracking them though your POS software.

We can produce all styles of gift cards with a range of shapes to suit, or we can produce a cards to suit your design.

Adding bar codes or swipe card process to it with full encoding if needed.

    • Can be made with backing boards
    • standard size 85mm x 54mm  and thickness 0.76mm
    • food grade, biodegradable, recyclable material can be used

Menu rack cards

Key Tag Strips come in two sizes: Small and Large,

And bar coding is printed under the laminate, protecting the barcode from possible rub-off, or scratching.


    • Barcodes
    • Sequential Numbering
    • Key Rings / Chains (available at additional cost)
    • Sizes & configurations to suit or Standard sizes apply

Luggage cards

IDS Products produce a range of luggage tags from PVC Plastic and Eco PP material

We love to make these cards for our PP Eco material.

    • Eco material option with PP material
    • Standard PVC plastic tags with slot and luggage straps
    • Riveted plastic tags
    • Luggage straps

Below are some great examples of luggage tags that are in our PP material

These are great as they snap out and have all your info on them, with clear writing panels to put your names etc.

With attached snap out luggage strap all in a handy one piece unit