Membership Cards

For all your membership card needs!

When you need a card for members you need pvc plastic cards, and membership cards or club cards call on IDS.

Membership cards are vital to associations, clubs, and corporate VIP audiences.

Membership cards also play an important role for businesses that create special loyalty programs. It’s a great way to make customers feel special, and ensure you get repeat business. For traditional associations, the member card is a key part of reinforcing loyalty and pride within the group.

It is also the most common method of identification for securing the many user benefits that are provided by the association.

IDS PRODUCTS LTD manufactures PVC / Eco – friendly PETG membership cards for a variety of industries and clubs.


  • Personalization
  • Magnetic stripes, Bar codes, signature panels
  • Sequential Numbering

Standard Size: 54mm x 86mm
Thicknesses: Standard .07mm but we can do a range from as thin as .03mm right up to 1.2mm thickness